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     * Asked Andreas to merge my long-standing mojo_wip branch into his master. Unfortunately we had a few issues during this process, but now we can use his repository as a canonical source for everything. (Note: PAUSE on Mojolicious itself went into production (from my branch) last year. We just hadn't merged the branch before.)
     * Also asked Andreas to add a new column to a perms table in the PAUSE database, then to fill it and to create an index, in preparation for a new feature to manage PAUSE permissions per distribution.
+=== [user:1449] ===
+This entry covers all the following days as well as this day, as these tasks were undertaken concurrently in many cases:
+   * Devel::PatchPerl - Added tests and updated included hints files. Worked through outstanding tickets for a number of issues and released 1.58 to CPAN
+   * CPAN Testers: Updated six CPAN Testers boxen to include recently released perl v5.28.2. This is involved updating system packages, cleaning up diskspace and other general administration tasks. Then provisioning new perl v5.28.2 and monitoring restarted smoking process for issues.
+   * CPANPLUS/CPANPLUS::YACSmoke: worked through outstanding tickets and added tests and one enhancement. New version released after PTS.
+   * ExtUtils-MakeMaker: reviewed outstanding tickets and pull requests in collaboration with Graham, Leon and Mohawk (via IRC); merged three PRs and released four development releases to CPAN; tested development releases against various virtual machines, including Solaris, Neutrino, Haiku, DragonflyBSD, MidnightBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, AlpineLinux, Cygwin, and MSWin32 (including perls built with both VC++ and mingw); release engineered stable release 7.36
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