Hackathon hotel - Lengths of stays

The selected hotel for the hackathon is Campanile Paris 19 - La Villette, 147-151 avenue de Flandres, 75019 Paris.

To get the best possible prices for the hotel, we quickly need the following information for everyone:

  • check-in date
  • check-out date

Will use a hackathon-sponsored room

The hackathon sponsors accommodation for attendees.

All rooms will have twin beds (for twin rooms, used by two people) and one double and two single beds (for quadruple rooms, used by three people).

Unless you really don't want to, we assume people will share the rooms sponsored by the hackathon budget.

Feel free to arrange sharing here (using +). For lack of a better default choice, the organizers will otherwise pair people by language / country.

We currently have booked enough rooms for 23 people.

Regarding breakfast: do not take the hotel breakfast (€9 per person), as breakfast will be served at the hackathon (coffee, tea, croissants, juices).

2012-03-29 → 2012-04-01 (3 nights)

(booked 3 rooms for 3)

2012-03-29 → 2012-04-02 (4 nights)

(booked 1 room for 2)

(booked 4 rooms for 3)

2012-03-30 → 2012-04-01 (2 nights)

Have a non-hackathon-sponsored room to share

Self-funded or sponsored people that booked for themselves. Please mention the hotel if it's not the official hackathon hotel.

(In bold, name of the non-hackathon-sponsored person offering to share the room.)

2012-03-29 -> 2012-04-02 (4 nights)

2012-03-29 → 2012-04-01 (3 nights)

2012-03-30 → 2012-04-02 (3 nights)

Will use self-funded/company-sponsored room

These rooms are not for sharing with other attendees.

2012-03-29 → 2012-04-01 (3 nights)

2012-03-29 → 2012-04-02 (4 nights)

2012-03-29 → 2012-04-06 (8 nights)

Don't need a room

People living in Paris, or staying with friends, etc.

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