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v15: 24/04/16 10:38 - H.Merijn Brand (‎Tux‎)
v16: 24/04/16 10:45 - Karen Etheridge (‎Ether‎)
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+++ Results v16
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     * Went shopping every day, sometimes twice a day, for fruit, vegetables, cookies, nuts, soda, tea and other things
     * Spent several hours every day preparing the fruit and vegetables, and cleaning after the other people
     * Attended three meetings (Test2 & Test::Builder, River of CPAN, Test2), took notes, took a bit part in some discussions, and transcribed the notes and sending the texts to Chad, Neil and Ricardo.
-    * Succeeded in wasting many people's time with silliness and booze.
\ No newline at end of file
+    * Succeeded in wasting many people's time with silliness and booze.
+== [user:Ether] ==
+    * fixed Dist::Zilla::Plugin::DynamicPrereqs's injection of Makefile.PL snippet using ExtUtils::HasCompiler for the
+      can_xs() sub, and re-released B::Hooks::EndOfScope with the fix
+    * released a new Moose (2.1705-TRIAL) with a similar change to use ExtUtils::HasCompiler in its Makefile.PL for XS
+      sanity checking
+    * discussed the old JSON::PP bug involving parsing unicode META.json ( and
+      the injection of a JSON::PP "suggests" prereq via Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Contributors with [user:rjbs] more; this
+      led to a change in Dist::Zilla where it now creates pure-ascii META.json files, and a similar change to come in
+      ExtUtils::MakeMaker for MYMETA.json generation
+    * wrote a blog post:
+    * released [user:oalders]'s MooseX::Getopt fix for init_args (thanks Olaf!)
+    * started to fix logic in Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker regarding its choice of minimum ExtUtils::MakeMaker versions
+      depending on the presence of version ranges in prereqs and added test coverage; shelved this work for now as it
+      requires more refactoring than I have time for at the event
+    * discussed the application of module permissions on new uploads to PAUSE with [user:andk], [user:bwfg] etc and
+      proposed changes to handing of x_authority metadata (similar to the semantics behind the prototype
+      x_authority_from_module, see Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AuthorityFromModule)
+    * (attempted to) reproduce various issues in cpanm-reporter with [user:garu] and dogfooded his fixes
+    * CPAN river discussion with [user:neilb] and many others
+    * review of Software::License issues and support policy with [user:rjbs], [user:charsbar], [user:neilb] and others
+    * various discussions of Test2 and upcoming releases (see also
+    * Dist::Zilla 6!  ..and a few plugin releases in the wake thereof
+    * spent significant time examining outstanding Module::Metadata issues (especially regressions since the last stable
+      release), reviewed previous unfinished work fixing these, writing additional tests.. discovered that both the
+      documentation and the actual code surrounding the 'name()' interface are (IMHO) wrong and need significant rethinking
+      and rework, but this is out of scope for the time available at the QAH, so I shelved this for now and went back to
+      fixing the regressions, which I believe I have done now with the 1.000032-TRIAL release
+    * (not yet finished - hopefully Sunday) review, discuss and merge outstanding Sub::Name pull requests, involving
+      handling of unicode or binary symbols










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