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     * Fixed the registrations for the [|CPAN Testers Wiki]. Not sure how long this was broken, but thanks to [user:10793] for alerting me.
     * [|CPAN Testers Reports] is now running on Fastly (, allowing us to caching some of the pages, and reduce the load on the webserver when trying to recreate reasonably static pages. Also means the routing for anyone viewing the site outside of Europe is going to reduce page load times too. Thanks to [user:257] for showing me the ropes.
-    * Fixed some bugs in the Reports Mailer, and tidied up the notifications. More bugs to fix, which hopefully will be fixed soon.
+    * Fixed some bugs in the Reports Mailer, refreshed the tests and test data, and tidied up the notifications.
+    * Fixed the individual sending of reports via Reports Mailer, as this has been failing for some time. Due to the fact that we switch the DB storage to use Sereal, but didn't update the daily script to deserialize correctly before sending the individual reports. Note this had no effect on the summary reports.
     * For a long running bug with the Summary panel, which turns out has also been affecting MetaCPAN. After the server crash last year, turns out the base db schema was missing a change to one of the tables (part of the summary chain) and wasn't getting updated. Currently rebuilding, so expect to have the summaries and release data feeds all working again soon.
     * Continued to hand over the final keys to Doug Bell (PREACTION), who is now carrying the torch for CPAN Testers. I feel immensely confident that I have left the keys in capable hands, and with the ideas Doug has already shown me, I expect bigger and better things for CPAN Testers' future. Please look after him :)
     * Fixed a few bugs in other distributions, a couple related to CPAN Testers.
     * Cleaned up some of the CPAN Testers family website templates.
     * In the coming weeks, will be collating all the website tests I run prior to updating the CPAN Testers family websites, and handing over to Doug for his new development environment for CPAN Testers. This will hopefully enable easier access to anyone wanting to help fix problems on the websites and backends in the future.
+    * Joined discussions for The Perl River, the (re)naming of the QAH and the future of CPAN Testers. 
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