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 ==== p5-distribution-smoke ====
 Started a new project to make smoking distributions against downstream distributions easier
+== [user:oalders] ==
+=== MetaCPAN ===
+* Worked primarily on squashing bugs in the MetaCPAN Elasticsearch upgrade
+* Chatted with Neil Bowers about integration CPAN River data into the MetaCPAN API
+* Worked with Joel Berger on getting started with the MetaCPAN developer environment
+* Was able to review and merge Joel Berger's subsequent pull request to add Neil Bowers' CPAN River data to the MetaCPAN API
+* Spoke with Paul Johnson about a second attempt to integrate with  Created relevant Github tickets so that we can track this work.  It will happen subsequent to the Elasticsearch upgrade
+* Spoke with Book about incorporating Debian packageing information into MetaCPAN.  This will follow essentially the same format as Joel Berger's pull request.
+* Moved the MetaCPAN API away from Test::Harness, which is likely going to break with the release of Test2.  Also, Test::Harness was making it hard to run smaller subtests of the suite in isolation.  This is a good improvement.  When Test2::Harness is released, we'll look at moving to that.
+* Released MetaCPAN::Moose to CPAN.  This is used internally now, but has some value as a CPAN module.
+* Spoke with Doug Bell about getting the CPAN Testers database back online.  As of April 29 this is now once again available.
+* Spoke with BINGOS about Sort::Naturally.  He got co-maint on this module assigned to me.
+* Did a lot of pair programming with Mickey Nasriachi on MetaCPAN as well as some debugging with Sawyer and Matt Trout.
+* Released a new version of ElasticSearchX::Model after Matt Trout identified a bug and submitted a patch.
+* Worked closely with Leo Lapworth, who handled the various sysadmin tasks for the upgrade
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