The toolchain summit budget

This is the temporary budget. It has 3 columns, one in EUR (€), one in USD ($), and one in GBP (£).

All columns are important, as we are given estimates and donations in all currencies. Our bank account is in EUR, but our PayPal account handles the three currencies. The final budget might include additional conversion fees taken by banks and other intermediates.

At the end of the hackathon, a more detailed financial report will be available, likely in PDF.


The only income of the hackathon comes from our generous sponsors. Companies willing to sponsors are encouraged to get in touch with the organizers. Individuals can also donate using PayPal. Thanks a lot!

Announced but unpaid sponsorship are highlighted italics.
A sponsorship of 0 € means the company is willing to sponsor the event, but the amount is not defined yet.

Some of our sponsors made in-kind donations instead of or in addition to contributing financially to the budget.

€       $       £      
Community sponsors 500.00 1500.00
Perl QA Hackathon 2013 + EPO 1500.00
Les Mongueurs de Perl 500.00
Individual sponsors
PayPal "donate" button
Direct payment (cash/wire)
Corporate sponsors 6000.00
WenZPerl B.V. 1000.00 5000.00
In-kind donations
WenZPerl B.V. Travel and accommodation for Liz and Wendy
Total 6500.00 0.00 1500.00


The money given by our sponsors will be used to provide accommodation and catering to the attendees, as well as refunding their travel costs.

The following table contains a lot of estimates. This budget is not final. Estimates are highlighted in italics.

€       $       £      
Accommodation 134.00
1 room, 2014-03-12 → 2014-03-16 (participant pays for half the room) 134.00
Catering 2144.60
Breakfast/lunch/snacks for 4 days 1400.00
Social dinner 744.60
Bank fees 200.00 31.50
PayPal donations 31.50
Bank fees
Estimate 200.00
Travel refunds 1100.00
Karen Etheridge (Ether) 1100.00
Misc 100.00
Estimate 100.00
Total 2578.60 1131.50 0.00