Projects: diff v31 - v32
v31: 12/04/19 02:32 Shoichi Kaji (‎skaji‎)
v32: 15/04/19 11:22 Tina Müller (‎tinita‎)
--- Projects v31
+++ Projects v32
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@
     * [user:tinita]
         * one or more of these:
-        * Implement loading objects with YAML::PP; so far only dumping is supported.
+        * Implement loading objects with YAML::PP (basically finished, except some details)
         * Implement loading binary data with YAML::PP via the !!binary tag
         * Write a YAML::PP DateTime plugin that can load/dump timestamps
         * Other feature requests related to YAML welcome! Have a look at the current issues and TODOs for YAML::PP: [] and feel free to add one